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    Cody Vance

    Cody Vance


    Military Service: Air Force

    Service Status: Retired

    State: TX

    About the Artist: Having a creative mindset is a full-time gig. I’m constantly in “go-mode”, working on many projects simultaneously, designing, considering materials, time and logistics. This juggling act is what keeps me energized and excited to learn something new. I began his life in the arts as probably most do, with a crayon and anything I could scribble on. With no real formal training I have a focus that allows me to quickly pick things up by observing. In my current studio and workshop in San Antonio, TX, I constantly explore and experiment with my two closest friends; Trial and Error. I enlisted in the Air Force in 1985 and traveled all over the world, viewing first-hand some the world’s great art and architecture. Wanting to help spread the beauty of art I worked diligently with my military leadership to leave painted murals and other pieces of artwork in various Air Force base locations. Those pieces of artwork, some still intact to this day after more than 38 years helped brighten up normally drab military surroundings and gave my fellow servicemen a visual sense of pride. After 24 years of honorable service I retired as one of the top military graphic artists in the Air Force Art Program having won the title of Graphic Artist of the Year in three consecutive years 2007, 2008 and 2009. Over 33 pieces of my original art are part of the permanent collection housed at the Pentagon. During the apex of my award run I began to feel I was in need of a change in creative direction. Discovering stone carving, I was fortunate to learn under expert hand of the late Rachman Ulmer. To say I was hooked immediately would be an understatement. Unaccustomed to creating in abstract form, my surprise was how quickly I took to this new medium. Everything I had learned up to that point had prepared me for sculpting and now, over 15 years have gone by and I continue to expand my creative boundaries, recently adding steel sculpture, bronze and printmaking to my toolbox of creative disciplines and focus.