Robert Buono

    Robert Buono


    Military Service: Army

    Service Status: Veteran

    State: WI

    About the Artist: Born January 31, 1947, the last son of Sicilian immigrants in East Chicago Harbor, Indiana. Received MFA from School of the Art Institute, Chicago. Numerous other academic credentials. Divorced father of two children. Studio in pristine setting in the Northwoods near Lake Superior. PHD School of Life and Death, Southeast Asia, 1966-1968. Wounded in combat I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran. Numerous national exhibitions and international exposure. Work frequently covered by major media--newspaper, television, magazine, and radio. Creator of the Veterans War Memorial, Lansing, Illinois. Artist/designer for the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Stoney Run County Park, Indiana. Author of Murphy's Dream Vision--a work of significant social impact, it created a media event that changed the way people perceived Vietnam vets. Creator of Sin Loi/Desidario