2024 – Carlos Luis Olivas, Jr.

    Courageously and Artistically Flourishing with Alzheimer’s

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    Embark on the artistic journey of a true patriot. Born in 1941, Carlos Luis Olivas, Jr. is not just an artist; he's a seasoned sculptor and two-dimensional artist who has shaped his creative narrative since his teens.

    Carlos's caregiver, custodian, and son; Carlos Luis Olivas III stands as a pillar of support, courageously navigating his father's Alzheimer's journey.


    The Veteran Art Institute is pleased to share online, through the voice of his son, "This is my brain," Carlos L. Olivas Jr., which is currently on exhibit at Artbeat Gallery Studio and Gift Shop in Sacramento, CA .



    Artistic Alchemy: Navigating Imperfection with Purpose

    In the vibrant tapestry of Alzheimer's caregiving, there exists an extraordinary intersection – the fusion of artistic souls and the rhythmic dance of daily routines. This mission is a celebration of those, like my dad, who, despite the challenges of Alzheimer's, find solace and strength in the canvas of creativity.

    This artwork stands as a profound representation of the intricate dance between imperfection, Alzheimer's, and the purposeful brushstrokes of creativity. It unveils the beauty that emerges when routine and passion intersect in an individual's journey through the labyrinth of challenges posed by Alzheimer's.

    Carlos Olivas- 11-11-2020- 11x15.75
    Carlos Olivas- Acrylic on Wood- 29.5x11.75

    Alzheimer's is far from perfect, and it is essential not to demand perfection from it. Instead, this piece invites us to witness the imperfect beauty that arises when one embraces the ebb and flow of the Alzheimer's journey.

    In the canvas of life, people grappling with Alzheimer’s can still find purpose through a therapeutic approach that preserves quality of life factors and instruments of dignity. This artwork is a testament to the resilience and strength that can be harnessed even in the face of cognitive complexities.

    A Philanthropic Touch:

    In the spirit of fostering hope and support, the proceeds from this gallery exhibition will contribute to the Charlie Robot’s Walk to End Alzheimer's fundraising page. This initiative embodies the collective stride towards a world free from the clutches of Alzheimer's, empowering individuals and caregivers alike.

    Your visit to the gallery becomes a symbolic step in supporting not just the artistic expression within the Alzheimer's community but also the tangible efforts to advance research, awareness, and care through organization’s like Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer's.

    Join us in this dual celebration of artistic resilience and philanthropic unity, where imperfection transforms into a masterpiece of purpose.

    Carlos- Olivas- Blk & Wht- 11.75x12
    Carlos Olivas- Blk & Wht- 11x11.25
    Carlos Olivas- Circles- 8.5x11.625
    Carlos Olivas- Colors- 13.5x12.875

    Whispers of Memory: Nurturing Creativity Amidst the Alzheimer's Journey

    As the family caregiver, care partner, and steward of my dad's artworks, this masterpiece takes on a profound meaning. It becomes a visual chronicle of the nuanced dance between grief and the vibrant hues of creativity within the realm of Alzheimer's.

    Carlos Olivas- Color Dots- 11x14
    Carlos Olivas- Green guy- 14x18
    Carlos- Olivas- Color Dots- 11x5.5

    A Caregiver's Lens:

    Every stroke on this canvas echoes the journey I navigate as a caregiver, witnessing the ebb and flow of my dad's cognitive landscape. The imperfections on this canvas mirror the imperfections in our journey – a journey marked by both grief and joy, complexities and simplicity.

    Carlos Olivas- Yellow- 10.875x14
    Carlos Olivas- Circles- 10.875 x 6.5
    Carlos Olivas- Yellow & Brown- 9.25x12

    The Hardships of Grief:

    Carlos Olivas- Out In Space- 12.25x12.5

    Grief intertwines with the fibers of every brushstroke, reflecting the challenges of witnessing a loved one's mind gradually slip away. There are moments of heartache, the struggle to communicate, and the bittersweet recognition that the person I knew is transforming before my eyes.  Yet, within this grief, there's a resilient beauty, a reminder that even amidst the pain, creativity can be a beacon of solace.

    The Joys of Creativity:

    This artwork is a celebration of the joys discovered in the creative process. Each piece tells a story – a story of determination, of finding beauty in the chaos, and of the unyielding spirit that refuses to be confined by the limitations of Alzheimer's. The act of creating becomes a sanctuary, where my dad's artistic soul finds refuge, transcending the boundaries set by the disease.

    Carlos Olivas- Side 2- 30x9

    A Custodian's Duty:

    Carlos Olivas- Purple- 10.875x11.5

    As the curator of these artworks, I hold not just canvases but whispers of memory. Each painting is a precious relic, a testament to a life well-lived despite the challenges. The responsibility to preserve and share these creations is both an honor and a solemn duty, a commitment to ensure that the artistic legacy continues to echo through time. In the gallery display, I invite you to witness not just a collection of artworks but a tangible manifestation of a caregiver's journey. It is an intimate portrayal of the hardships of grief entwined with the profound joys unearthed in the process of nurturing creativity amidst the labyrinth of Alzheimer’s.

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    Carlos Olivas- Side 1- 30x9



    This exhibit was made possible by a grant from the California Arts Council.