2017 Women’s Veteran Art Exhibit

    2017 Women’s Veteran Art Exhibit




    Amy Forsythe


    Amy Forsythe served four combat tours as an enlisted military journalist in the U.S. Marine Corps. She's covered combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and continues to serve in the U.S. Navy reserves as a Public Affairs Officer.


    Her videos and photos have been featured on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC through the years. She currently works Defense Media Activity as the bureau chief in Guam covering military operations and exercises in the Pacific and can always be found with a camera in her hand taking pictures and video from her travels.

    Cara Myhre

    Cara Myhre served as a Cryptologic Arabic Linguist in the Army and Army Reserve from 1999 to 2011, deploying to OIF and OEF. After discovering that drawing and painting helped her to heal from a traumatic experience, she decided to use her GI Bill to study Fine Art along with Psychology. She is currently volunteering in the social services and plans to earn a Masters degree in Social Work so that she might help others heal from trauma, including her fellow veterans.


    Debra Russell

    Debra Russell served 14 years and 5 months in the Navy and held many titles including Independent Duty Storekeeper, Navy Certified Instructor, and Contracting Officer.

     After injuring both knees and dislocating her shoulder in a fall, Debra was discharged when a medical board found that the injuries would never heal. Debra continues to suffer from military sexual trauma, headaches, and bladder issues.

     Debra has degrees in Photography and Multimedia. In addition to being a single parent, she aims to receive a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design as well as a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling.


    Deveon Sudduth

    Deveon Sudduth joined the military in 1979 and served 12 years Enlisted. She graduated Officer Candidate School in 1991 as a 2nd Lieutenant. Deveon served two tours in Iraq and retired in 2016 as a Lieutenant Colonel. She loved her time in the military and wouldn't trade her experiences and lessons learned for anything.


    Following retirement Deveon dedicates more time to her photography and hopes to turn good photos into great photos and see growth in her home-based business.

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    Laura Taylor


    Laura Taylor is a Navy veteran who served as an F-14 Jet Mechanic (AD) as well as an F-14 and F-18 Plane Captain. Laura has been creating art since well before her service from 1993-1997.


    After serving Laura continued her education earning a degree in Visual Communications leading her into a Graphic Design career. Since 2010 Laura has been selling her work and later instructing classes. Laura's passion for the arts as well as her passion for her country and her family who have also served showcases among her work.

    Lindsay Zike

    Lindsay served as an Aviation Structural Mechanic in the US Navy from 2002 to 2008, achieving the rank of E-5, Petty Officer Second Class. Deployments to Japan and visits to several countries in the Pacific region fostered a deep appreciation of other cultures and the sea.


    Upon finishing her Navy contract, Lindsay moved to Arizona with the intention of pursuing a degree in psychology, but a casual enrollment in a ceramics class led to a passion for clay and, eventually, metal-working. In every piece of art, Lindsay strives to incorporate the histories of her mediums, while acknowledging the influence of her own personal history.


    Natalie Lopez


    Natalie Lopez is currently serving in the Air Force as a Security Forces member; top 10% designated marksman in the United States; former glass ceiling breaker as a Ranger candidate; former Military Training Instructor; and a Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.


    Born and raised in San Antonio TX, Natalie's dad expressed that she had a gift of art and to embrace it. She became a self taught artist, researching techniques and enhancing her skills.

    Natalie is an artist with a powerful statement and vision.


    Today, she is working towards fulfilling her education in Art Therapy and volunteering at art centers helping our Veterans with PTSD.

    Pamela Corwin

    Pamela currently works as a wildlife and fisheries biologist for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. She has her master's in Avian Ecology and is restoring historical American shad spawning runs, previously impacted by dams and river alterations. She was in the Army for 6 years, serving in the 218th Combat Support Battalion in Charleston, South Carolina. Her MOS was a 42A but was retrained into the R3SP program for Suicide Prevention. She also was a fitness and health NCO and Range Safety. Pamela's creative background started when she could pick up a pencil. She never took any art classes outside of high school and let her experiences in life guide her creativity. She enjoys painting and drawing wildlife and military scenes that provoke thought or emotion.


    Stacey Thompson


    Marine Corps veteran Stacey Thompson served on active duty from August 1998 - June 2000. Stacey is an accomplished artist who uses her artwork to share her story of survival from Military Sexual Trauma (MST).


    Stacey is a completely self-taught artist and relies heavily on the memory of her Grandmother who taught her the foundations of artistry as a young child. Although a disabled veteran herself, Stacey is a full-time caregiver to her husband Retired GySgt. Jesse Thompson.


    Stacey has a Master's of Science Degree and is the mother of three children. Stacey's success thus far as a professional artist, motivational speaker, and advocate is certainly an indication of things to come in her future.

    Victoria R. Bryers

    Victoria Bryers joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1974 the first year the CG accepted women onto active duty. In 1977 she was selected to be among the first women stationed on a combat ship, the USCGC Gallatin. Following active duty, she transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve where she completed 30 years (16 active). After retirement she attended the University of New Mexico completing her BFA and currently completing her MA in Art Education, a life long dream. Currently, Victoria is working on a project to honor women who have died on active duty illustrating to the world that women too give all.